Hardie® Fibre Cement boards set new sustainability standards

Hardie® Fibre Cement boards are setting new sustainability standards in facade cladding for CO2 and use of resources - EPD verified. Another testament for smart approach to sustainability, combining innovative design with cost-efficiency and ease of installation. 

Medium Density is ideal for European Climate

For our advanced generation of products, we use medium density fiber cement that lowers CO2 levels. Perfectly adapted to the European climate. Perfect suitability for all applications. 

Our new Environmental Product Datasheets assess and confirm the life cycle performance of our products. Independently approved by European-accredited EPD verifier. 

Advantage Hardie® Panel family

If you're looking for a high performance, A2 fire-rated facade cladding at an affordable price – Hardie® Panel is the right choice for your next residential, commercial or recladding project. Are you looking for a textured finish? Click here to see Hardie® Architectural Panel.

  • Smart sustainability meets endless design possibilities
  • Lowest CO2 emissions* amongst A2-rated non-combustible facades (A2-s1-d0)
  • Unique technology engineered for durability in European climate

*Production, distribution, installation and end-of-life stage

Advantage Hardie® Plank family

Hardie® fibre cement products are built to last. It's the go-to facade for builders, homeowners and architects worldwide. Discover our Hardie® VL Plank. Our Hardie® Plank cladding creates a classic finish for any home and convinces with a high-quality finish. 

  • Smart sustainability meets superior lightweight performance
  • Perfect solution for easy and fast install
  • Unique technology engineered for durability in European climate

Download EPDs

Discover the benefits of sustainable Hardie® Fibre Cement boards for your project

  • Good design and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive. From planning to implementation, Hardie® facade claddings enable to combine high-quality design with advanced sustainability and cost efficiency.
  • Innovative solutions are becoming increasingly important. Hardie® facade cladding with independently verified EPDs meets important requirements perfectly, combining the latest sustainability requirements with superior cost efficiency and installation.  
  • Sustainable buildings also improve the quality of life. But they must also remain affordable. James Hardie offers end users perfect solutions they can rely on 100 %. 
  • With its EPDs, James Hardie proves being a preferred partner for future-proof solutions that meet important requirements throughout the entire project life cycle.

Building a better future for all™

ESG & Value Chain Responsibility

Our company's ongoing commitment of building a better future for all™ inspires communities to design, build and grow better today and tomorrow. 

Walk the Talk from start to finish

Discover how our ambitious sustainability agenda comes to life all along the value chain


When less is more 

For our advanced generation of products, we use a fibre cement density that reduces CO2 levels – fit for our purpose for facade applications in European climate conditions. By optimizing production, we aim to reduce scope 1 (direct) and scope 2 (indirect) emissions globally by 42 % by 2030* and working towards a net zero by 2050. Our low-carbon cement technology roadmap sets the path to reach our ambitious targets for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our fibre cement products by at least 50 % by 2030. 

*vs. 2021 baseline