Endless design possibilities.

With James Hardie, It’s Possible™

Hardie® Architectural Panel is one of the most innovative products when it comes to fibre cement cladding. It does not only impress with performance but is also a real design all-rounder: pick any of our amazing colors, choose a texture and make every project individual. And that’s not all: The Hardie® Architectural Panel comes at a price you can afford and is the perfect solution for any building.

Double Award Winner 2023
This year, as one of the most innovative products for facade cladding, our Hardie® Architectural Panel got honored with the BLT Construction Product Award in the categories "Construction Product Design - Flooring & Concrete materials and structures" and "Outdoor systems and products". The Plus X Award certifies our innovative design, the exceptional quality and the usability. 

Features & Benefits

  • A2 fire rated: non-combustable
  • Two different textures: Smooth Sand and Brushed Concrete
  • 15 years warranty


Discover the Hardie® Architectural Panel.

With James Hardie, It’s Possible™


Design Flexibility.

Choose between our two textures ‘Smooth Sand’ or ‘Brushed Concrete’ and several modern colours. Building state-of-the-art designs was never easier. Hardie® Architectural Panel is available in two textures: Smooth Sand and Brushed Concrete. These textures will enable you to build modern,
contemporary designs – specifically formulated to give you a long-lasting and low maintenance, consistent finish for years to come with a minimum
warranty of 15 years.


Ease of mind.

If you're looking for a high performance, A2 fire-rated facade cladding at an affordable price – Hardie® Panel is the right choice for your next project. Our cladding product are backed by an A2 fire-rating and an industry leading 15-year warranty. James Hardie™ is the global leader in fibre cement with proven quality for your ease of mind – so you can focus on what’s really important: the project.


Affordable Performance.

With unmatched price performances, we bring design and value to every project. Whatever look you choose, you know you’re getting the strength and durability
your clients deserve – making it a smart and cost effective solution for any project.

Unlimited colour flexibility.

Hardie® Architectural Panel comes in 6 standard colours. To give you a bigger flexibility and make your project unique, it is also available in custom colour and you can chose from almost every colour you want!


Expertise on your side.

Our dedicated team of Hardie® Architectural Panel experts have extensive experience and specialist knowledge to support your project so contact us to see how we can help meet your requirements. Trust our fibre cement products knowing that you have made the best choice.

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