Hardie® Plank

With James Hardie, It’s Possible™

Hardie® fibre cement products are built to last. No wonder they are the go-to claddings for builders, homeowners and architects worldwide. Hardie® Plank creates a classic finish for your home and convinces with a high-quality wood finish. Choose from 21 different colours and make your home one of a kind.

Features & Benefits

  • Most natural look

  • Low maintainace

  • At least 20% faster installation

Feeling smooth or frisky?

Do you prefer a classic and rustic look? Or are you a fan of the minimalistic and modern style? With Hardie® Plank, there is something for every taste. Choose the cedar finish for a vintage, and the smooth finish for a sophisticated home design. 
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Cladding has never been this convenient.

With James Hardie, It’s Possible™

A modern classic.

Hardie® Plank not only convinces by its wood texture and rustic but natural look. It’s your choice whether you want to tile the planks in horizontal lap or vertical hit and miss or open joint style. This cladding comes in 21 different colours and two textures – so you can beautify your home the way you like it.

Lay back and enjoy the view.

While real wood regularly needs to be sanded down and oiled or glazed, Hardie® Plank is way easier to maintain while giving you the same rustic look we love about wood. The fibre cement is long lasting and uncomplicated: Once on the wall, it does not need any care – so you can enjoy the nicer things in life.


High quality products - guaranteed!

Although Hardie® Plank looks smoking hot, it is fireproof for your safety – and this is just one of our many quality features. Our planks are so long lasting, we have no problem to give you a 15 year warranty!


Smart Sustainability

Hardie® Plank façade products set the bar for sustainable façade cladding. Engineered to suit the diverse climate in Europe,  they strike the perfect balance between lightweight performance and low CO 2 emissions with its specially designed medium density. We combine proven quality and design, excellent fire performance and striving to have an even smaller impact on the environment in the future. To learn more, check out our Environmental Product Declaration.



All in all Hardie® Plank is just the perfect plank for your wall.

If you love a classic look and a low maintenance facade, Hardie® Plank is the right choice for you. It is installed at least 20% faster compared to competitor’s products and is incredibly versatile: you can choose from 21 colours, two textures and many ways to tile them. Discover Hardie® Plank and find the perfect fit for you and your home.

No Plank without our great accessories. 

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Are you looking for a more modern look?

Discover Hardie® Plank and be inspired by its smooth and minimalistic style.

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